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Grime Cube: The Magic Square With A Twist!

Grime Cube: The Magic Square With A Twist!


This is a Rubik-style twisty puzzle with added maths, created by our very own James Grime. The Grime Cube can be solved two different ways: so that each face is a magic square, or so each face is the same colour (aka like a traditional Rubik's Cube).

There are six possible different perimeter magic squares using the numbers 1 to 8 so that all edges add to the same total. James Grime has a designed a cube from all of them, with the added property that opposite faces always add to nine which we've printed onto a speed cube for your solving convenience.  So if traditional cube puzzles are not mathematical enough for you: you need a Grime Cube.

The current record for switching between the two solved states in the fewest moves is 16, which was discovered by Lucas Garron. The record for fewest moves achieved without use of a computer solver is 63, discovered by  Nico Neubach.

Created by James Grime. Designed by Maths Gear.
Price = p278 pence = £17.87

The Grime Cube is not available anywhere else. Unless you take a normal Rubik's Cube and draw on the numbers. You monster.