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Pre-order "You Can't Polish A Nerd" - with free download!

Pre-order "You Can't Polish A Nerd" - with free download!


Maths Gear's very own Steve Mould and Matt Parker perform sell-out live shows as Festival Of The Spoken Nerd, along with geek songstress Helen Arney. Their 2017 tour show, You Can't Polish A Nerd, is now available on DVD, download - and floppy disk!

Click here for the cheapest pre-order prices, direct from the Spoken Nerd shop.

You can even get matching show t-shirts and tote bags, inspired by Matt's campaign to correct mathematically incorrect street signs, and Steve's clarion call to properly fact-check science books for kids. Pop them into your pre-order basket at the same time and you'll only be charged one lot of postage when everything is shipped at the end of October. 

This is the show where the intrepid trio go further into nerdiness than ever before with science, songs and spherical geometry. It's guaranteed to put the “oooh” into zoology, the “fun” into fundamental theorem of calculus and the “recursion” into recursion in the ultimate show for nerds and non-nerds. 

If you enjoyed our previous shows Full Frontal Nerdity and Just For Graphs, you'll love You Can't Polish A Nerd!