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Grime Cube: The Magic Square With A Twist!

Grime Cube: The Magic Square With A Twist!


This is a Rubik-style twisty puzzle with added maths, created by our very own James Grime. The Grime Cube can be solved two different ways: so that each face is a magic square, or so each face is the same colour (aka like a traditional Rubik's Cube).

There are six possible different perimeter magic squares using the numbers 1 to 8 so that all edges add to the same total. James Grime has a designed a cube from all of them, with the added property that opposite faces always add to nine. So if traditional cube puzzles are not mathematical enough for you: you need a Grime Cube.

The current record for switching between the two solved states in the fewest moves is 70. Surely you can do better? If you beat the record: we'll put your name in the booklet.

Created by James Grime. Designed by Maths Gear.
Price = p239 pence = £14.99

The Grime Cube is not available anywhere else. Unless you take a normal Rubik's Cube and draw on the numbers. You monster.