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Love Triangle by Matt Parker (signed)

Love Triangle by Matt Parker (signed)

Buy Matt Parker's new book "Love Triangle: the life changing magic of trigonometry"!

We are now taking live orders, so you will be charged immediately and then we'll get the book in the post to you as soon as plausible. But we are still using the same 'pre-order system' so you can't buy other Maths Gear things in the same order. Sorry. In a few weeks, we'll change Love Triangle to be a normal product you can bundle with other stuff.

As a bonus for anyone who orders direct from me on Maths Gear, I have commissioned three (special, limited) × edition book covers as a collaboration between me and print-artist Paul Catherall. They're pretty special. You'll get one free while stocks last. We are currently serving: blue Triangle Editions.

All books will be signed by me. All book covers will be signed and numbered by me. The first 1,001 orders will get a free "simplex edition" cover, the next 2,024 covers will be "tetrahedron edition" and the remaining 5,995 covers are the "triangle edition". They will be assigned to orders in that order, so earlier pre-orders get the more-limited cover. Once the covers run out, people will have to be satisfied with just a signed first edition of the book.

Thanks so much for your support ordering the book! All sales in the first week of release go towards the best-seller ranking, so buying now adds a bonus layer of support.

Also, if you cannot afford to order the hardback copy from me, that is completely fine. You can absolutely get a not-signed copy cheaper somewhere else. It's on Amazon and if you pre-order on Waterstones with the discount code 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 you'll get 21% off. More UK pre-order options are here: https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/443151/love-triangle-by-parker-matt/9780141999333

The USA edition will be out on August 20 and Penguin USA will be offering pre-order bonuses as well. You can see USA pre-order options here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/672455/love-triangle-by-matt-parker/

And there is an option no one should order. I realised that there are 168 prime numbers below 1,001 so I'm going to allow a maximum of 168 orders of a box-set with three books in the three book covers, all with the same matching prime number. But it's going to be real expensive. Don't order it. Unless you really want matching numbers and you want to support the Stand-up Maths youtube channel by paying too much to buy the same book three times, in a box.

Thanks again!


NOTE FOR NON-UK COUNTRIES: This will be the hardback UK edition of Love Triangle and the postage is to ship it from England to you (not tracked or signed for).

NOTE FOR USA: Yes, postage to the USA is real expensive. Sorry. The pre-order price is the worst-case. If we can find a cheaper, (slower) way to get your copy to you, we'll offer the chance to switch at the time. Or you can change your mind and cancel your order.

NOTE FOR GERMANY: Currently German customs are rejecting the majority of items shipped from the UK so we cannot guarantee your order will not be cancelled. We're hoping to find a way to get them into Germany but we'll cancel your order if we cannot.

NOTE FOR AUSTRALIA: This is what you get for living so far away. And I'm not putting all your copies in my suitcase for the next time I'm over visiting family.