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The Math of a Milkshake by Dr Katie Steckles (Paperback)

The Math of a Milkshake by Dr Katie Steckles (Paperback)


Explore the key principles and practice of everyday maths through examples, analogies, puzzles and experiments - all using materials from your own kitchen. In The Math of a Milkshake, you’ll discover the truth about pizza portions, learn about the symmetries of fruit and conduct probability experiments with jelly beans. Includes twenty experiments covering numbers, shapes, real-world maths, and logical thinking. Learn about pi(e), the hidden numbers in food, symmetry, exponential growth, patterns, and more.

"A practical, interactive, and fun guide to some of the big concepts that our young people struggle to grasp, The Math of a Milkshake uses kitchen science to explore big ideas with real-life examples. [With] hidden numbers and patterns in food, puzzles to solve, games and fun facts along the way, this book is an entertaining read and inspires innovative ideas and approaches to key ideas in mathematics."
- Renee Rees, maths teacher

Suitable for ages 10+.
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