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Megaminx QiHeng puzzle dodecahedron

Megaminx QiHeng puzzle dodecahedron


This is a twisty puzzle similar to the Rubik's cube, but shaped like a dodecahedron (twelve-sided shape). Each face is a pentagon, split into smaller sections, and the challenge is to rotate the pieces to restore the puzzle to a solved state, with each of the twelve faces showing only one colour. Even if you have mastered the normal Rubik's cube, this is a fun variation.

This QiHeng version of the Megaminx is manufactured by twisty puzzle experts QiYi, and has a sculpted surface, widened outer layers that give the puzzle more surface area to grip, and anti-stick grooves embedded between the centre and edge pieces, reducing
friction and resistance while improving fluency.

Price = p141 pence = £9.47