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How to Make the World Add Up

How to Make the World Add Up


Get a signed copy of Tim Harford’s fantastic new book How to Make the World Add Up.

After 13 years of presenting BBC Radio4's More or Less Tim Harford realised that understanding statistics is not all about technical expertise. Instead, it requires an effort to overcome our biases, being open-minded without being gullible and maintaining a healthy scepticism without lapsing into corrosive cynicism.

So Tim wrote How To Make The World Add Up which covers his Ten Rules for Thinking Differently About Numbers. We read an advanced copy as soon as it hit the Maths Gear office and absolutely loved it. There is even a quote from Matt on the back cover. It seems Stephen Fry beat him to the front cover spot.

"Fabulously readable, lucid, witty and authoritative . . . Every politician and journalist should be made to read this book, but everyone else will get so much pleasure and draw so much strength from the joyful way it dispels the clouds of deceit and delusion"
- Stephen Fry

"I'm pretty sure my quote was better than Stephen's."
- Matt Parker

All copies of How To Make The World Add Up are signed by Tim Harford.

Hardback Price = p303 = £19.99
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