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I'd like a thing please.


In a youtube video, Matt said he would give people a free thing if they buy something on Maths Gear. However, if you don't want to buy any of the Maths Gear products you can by this item to just cover the postage and handling.

However, if you are already buying anything else from Maths Gear and ask for a gift in the comment box, we will put one in for free and you DO NOT NEED TO BUY THIS ITEM. This is only if you are not buying anything else and just want the thing.

Max of one free thing per order; if you try to buy multiples of this item we will refund all but one of them. And we are very sorry if the gifts run out and you do not get one. We will refund anyone who has bought this item and we have no things left, but we cannot refund any actual orders for other products.