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Maths Gear Christmas Crackers (self assembly)

Maths Gear Christmas Crackers (self assembly)


Make your festive party go with a factorial! These smart table crackers, in a new-for-2019 icosahedron-inspired design, will look amazing on any dinner table and will be the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas meal.

Contains all you need to make six crackers printed with a festive maths pattern and in a platonic-esque maths shape, each containing:

A mathematical gift
A mathematical joke
A mathematical puzzle (courtesy of the team at Chalkdust Magazine)
A correctly annotated paper hat

If you've bought crackers from us before, don't worry, all the jokes and puzzles are new, the gifts include new laser cut items and the tiling patterns are new. The hats have the traditional Fourier transform!

Warning: contains cracker bang and small parts. Not suitable for children under 3.

You will need strong glue to properly attach the cracker bangs. Laser cutting and cracker kits made by Qwirkshop.co.uk.

We also sell mathematical decorations, gift tags and wrapping paper:

Price = p329 pence = £22.07