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Limited edition symmetrical playing cards

Limited edition symmetrical playing cards


The backs of most playing cards have rotational symmetry so they look the same both ways up. Most of the details on the face are also designed to be symmetric, hence the two-headed mutant king and his family. However, not all of the cards are truly symmetric: some such as the Ace of Clubs or Seven of Diamonds look slightly different depending on which way up they are. In a traditional deck of cards, 42% (22 out of 52) are not rotationally symmetric if you look close enough.

These asymmetric cards can be used for card tricks or other more nefarious cheating purposes. In fact, if you had never noticed them, consider this knowledge our free gift to you.

Mathematicians however, love symmetry. So Maths Gear now presents the world's only completely symmetrical playing cards. Spin any card either way you want (of the two options) and they will always look exactly the same.

Developed by magician Jordan Gold with his designer brother, these Vända Playing Cards are available in the following colours: Violet, Crimson and Gold. Only 2500 decks of each colour were ever made. They are as aesthetically lovely as they are mathematically beautiful.

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