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Hole Mug: Extreme Utilities Puzzle

Hole Mug: Extreme Utilities Puzzle


How many holes does this mug have? This question has caused much debate in the Maths Gear team!

In topology, a mug is considered the same as a doughnut, because they both have a hole (you might call it a handle). But this mug also has a hole straight through the middle! So how many holes is that? Drive topologists crazy with this unusual mug!

If that's not enough maths for you, then the Hole Mug also features a twist on our popular Utilities puzzle mug.

The original Utilities puzzle mug challenges you to connect three houses to three utilities (water, gas, electricity) without any lines crossing. The Hole Mug adds two more houses and two more utilities (telephone and sewage). Totally extreme! And a problem that can only be solved on the Hole Mug.

Enjoy topology, graph theory and drinking all from one mug. Includes instruction leaflet  Mug holds 350ml (same as a standard mug). Dishwasher safe.