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Humble Pi (signed first-edition hardback)

Humble Pi (signed first-edition hardback)


Matt Parker's new book "Humble Pi: a comedy of maths errors" will be released on the 7 March 2019 but you can pre-order it now!

From the man who brought the world the Parker Square comes a book about the greatest mathematical misses and mishaps involving planes, bridges, the internet, big data and more. Being wrong has never felt so right.

Because the way publishing works as an industry: pre-ordering the book is helpful to Matt. It's data that people want the book! You'll be charged in March 2019 and the first-edition hardback book sent your way as soon as it lands in the Maths Gear office. You cannot buy anything else from Maths Gear in the same transaction as pre-ordering the book because other items will be charged for now and shipped to you. We don't want anyone waiting longer than necessery for their maths toys!