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Möbius Muffler scarf

Möbius Muffler scarf


You're hopefully already aware of the brilliant Möbius band - a strip of paper wrapped round with a twist, which exhibits some peculiar mathematical properties (try drawing a line all the way around one, or cutting it half). In fact, if you haven't already, go and make one now!

Here we present a wearable Möbius Bands - the Marvellous Möbius Muffler. A hand-knitted medium weight, toasty warm neck muffler made from high-quality wool and double topology.  Möbius loops that can be laid parallel, vertical or even nested! The twisted design traps a layer of air inside the muffler to keep you warm, whilst displaying your maths credentials to anyone cool enough to notice.
Features include:
  • One-sided so it's easier to wash (hand wash only)
  • Non-orientable for coordinate free neckwear
  • Wrap yourself up with a fibre bundle
Shade 1
Shade 2
Shade 3

Colours may vary from the image shown. Each piece is hand-made and unique.
Price = p489 pence = £34.99