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Mechanical NIM player - Braino

Mechanical NIM player - Braino


Sick of board games that aren't sentient? Now's your chance to play against your toys, and find yourself beaten by them over and over again in a way that's somehow quite satisfying.

Matt's featured the game Dr. NIM on his YouTube channel, and we've found the modern edition of that - it's called Braino, and it's a handy portable toy that plays you! Take it in turns, playing against the game itself, to take one, two or three ball bearings from the stash. The winner is whoever takes the final ball bearing (the option of playing whoever takes the final ball loses is also available), and no matter what you try, somehow Braino always seems to beat you!

Entirely mechanical in its operation, Braino is both frustrating and commands your respect with its tricksy ingenuity. Watch Matt's video above to see its antique cousin in action - Braino plays exactly the same way, and as a bonus, fits into a much smaller box.

Price = p303 pence = £19.99