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Giiker i3S Bluetooth Rubik's Cube

Giiker i3S Bluetooth Rubik's Cube


The Giiker SuperCube is the world’s first smart 3×3×3 twisty puzzle cube. With Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet, the accompanying app can detect the twists you make on the cube, displaying the result on the screen.

The app can also time and record data about your solves, guide you in how to solve a scrambled cube or put a pattern on it, and includes a selection of built-in games - part-solving puzzles, colour memory challenges and more.

The Giiker cube has a pleasing magnetic speedcube action, and can be recharged using two discreet holes on opposite faces, by means of an adorable pair of cube headphones.

PLEASE NOTE: The SuperCube App is currently only available for iOS. While an Android version does exist, it is not currently listed on the Google Play store.

Includes charging cradle for the cube and microUSB cable, instruction booklet and stand.

Price = p565 pence = £40.99