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Fibonacci Clock

Fibonacci Clock


Display the time with this "base Fibonacci" clock. Available as a kit or pre built.

The way this clock works is just so cool. The side lengths of the squares are the first 5 terms of the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3 ,5). And they are arranged here in the classic spiral formation.

The hours are displayed using red and the minutes using green. When a square is used to display both the hours and minutes it turns blue.

So to work out the hours just add up the red a blue squares. And to work out the minutes just add up the green and blue squares and multiply by 5 (because the clock is accurate to 5 minutes). See the second image above for examples.

Pre made price = p1547 pence = £129.83

Kit price = p1177 pence = £94.97