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Disco calculator

Disco calculator


It's time to divide and conga with the Disco Calculator. A Device that combines the fun and excitement of a disco with the computational power of a calculator.

It will come in extremely handy if you need to:

- Disco
- Calculate

As a hybrid product it can be used to either add more disco to your calculations, or more calculations to your disco.

All of the features of the Disco Calculator are designed for the dual purpose of discoing and calculating:

- It is the size of a pocket
For discos of any size or easy transportation for calculating on the go.

- Illuminating buttons
To provide additional disco lighting effects or for calculating in the dark.

- Each button press plays disco music
Make your own tune to disco to or produce a song which your friends and colleagues will never grow tired of.

- Demo Mode
Plays an extended disco song, should you require both hands free for your disco moves, or have just finished a particularly satisfying calculation and need a burst of celebration.

It's like there's a party in your pencil case and everyone's invited!